Monday, January 28, 2013

The unwearable Celine shoes

Celine campaign summer 2013

Loooove the top (saw it in the store, it is really a wonderful silky superfantastic top)
Loooove the trousers (classic, you could always wear them)
Like the bracelets (yes, just like them!)

But the shoes are (in my opinion) the most unwearable pair of shoes ever!

I think this is the only Celine's pair of shoes I will never wear!!

No, No and No again. For me unwearable!!!

Which is your opinion my dears?

Monday, January 21, 2013

The fab Miu Miu skirt

miu miu store in Rome, Saturday 19th January

Saw this wonderful skirt while walking in the center of Rome on is not properly my style, but I thought it was fabulous!
I liked the idea of those daisies on a satin military green skirt.

miu miu store in Rome, last Saturday morning

Ready for the prize? (couldn't believe it)
1.250 Euro
one thousand two hundred fifty euro.......

You know what? No, that is definitely not my style!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Geometric bags Celine vs Roger Vivier

You know I am a huge fan of bags....

You know I am a huge fan of Celine....

to die for part one

And I am a huge fan of Roger Vivier as well.....

to die for part two
And I presume to be a huge fan of geometric bags......


No matter if the bag would be Celine or Roger Vivier....I love them both!!

to die for part three
to die for part four

Which one would you prefer??